3D Criar Fab Lab
Av. Professor Lineu Prestes, 2242, Cietec, sala 251, Cietec, sala 251, São Paulo, SP, 05508000, Brazil
+551141166177 contato@3dcriar.com.br
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3D Criar is inside the entrepreneur center of University of Sao Paulo. We have been serving 140 startups from the Technology Center and Universities from all over Brazil, providing maker curriculum and equipment.
3D Criar is a hub and network for students, companies and professionals, inside the biggest technology center of Brazil.
3D Criar's project is to implement 10.000 laboratories for private and public Schools.

Lab Capabilities
  • Impression 3D
  • Fraiseuses à commande numérique
  • Production de C.I.
  • Découpe/Gravure Laser
  • Fraiseuse de précision
  • Découpe Vinyle
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Daniel Huamani
Fab Lab Manager

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