Title Description Apply url Tags Created by Min salary Max salary Country Created at
Fabrication Laboratory Assi... IAAC is looking for an acti... Apply electronics robotics 2D & 3D design 3D Printing cnc Luciana Asinari 18000.0 23000.0 Spain 25 days
Expert in Robotics and Digi... The IAAC - Institute for Ad... Apply advanced-manufacturing interaction robotics Luciana Asinari 25000.0 30000.0 Spain 25 days
Instructor - Fab Academy FabLab Rwanda is looking fo... FabAcademy Instructor Luciana Asinari Rwanda about 1 month
Technology Specialist and F... The Florida Atlantic Univer... Apply management digital farbication Architecture Luciana Asinari 1.0 1.0 United States of America 2 months
Fab Lab Technician About the job: InMac... Apply machine building laser cutting 3D Printing technician fab lab Jean michel Molenaar 30000.0 38000.0 Germany 10 months
Open Source Machine Developer InMachines is currently inv... Apply 3d printers laser cutters machine building Jean michel Molenaar 38000.0 45000.0 Germany 10 months
Fab Academy Instructor, ful... The ECAE FabLab, Emirates C... FabAcademy Luciana Asinari 1.0 2.0 United Arab Emirates 11 months
Technology Coach @ BreakFre... At BreakFree Education our ... Apply community base support technological training communications digital media Luciana Asinari 1.0 2.0 United States of America about 1 year
Head of Makerspace @ Motion... MotionLab.Berlin is a 4500 ... Apply digital fabrication operations management Luciana Asinari 1.0 2.0 Germany about 1 year
Directora FABLAB TE Coordinating the commission... Apply digital fabrication director project manager 3D Printing cnc Norella Coronell Spain over 1 year
Team Lead Support the educational and... Apply supervision Driving Tech help Norella Coronell 25000.0 35000.0 United States of America over 1 year
Makerspace Professional La Porte County Public Libr... Apply training Teaching coding AutoDesk electronics robotics lathe solder Laser 3D printer cnc Norella Coronell 35500.0 49900.0 United States of America over 1 year
IDEAS Center Director Gould Academy seeks a candi... Apply Engineering robotics Fabrication Design Teaching education Norella Coronell United States of America over 1 year
3D print Aplication Enginee... Ww looking for a new person... Apply aplication engineer demo center machine installation finishing machine maintenance 3D print Norella Coronell 3000.0 3000.0 Belgium over 1 year
Fabricator Polyfab is a plastics fabri... Apply milling machine 3D Printing digital fabrication management cnc Norella Coronell United States of America over 1 year
Fab Manager Manifact la Guy... Employeur : Association MAN... Apply Jean michel Molenaar 2500.0 2500.0 French Guiana over 1 year
Research Fellows / Scientif... Are you ready to take part ... Apply open-source hardware circular economy digital transformation urban production Luciana Asinari 1.0 2.0 Germany over 1 year
Clinical Assistant Professo... The School of Arts, Media, ... Apply 3D Printing digital fabrication management cnc Norella Coronell United States of America over 1 year
Fab Academy instructor - fu... Description: TechWorks- Amm... Apply FabAcademy Luciana Asinari 0.0 0.0 Jordan almost 2 years