Title Description Apply url Tags Created by Min salary Max salary Country Created at ▲
Fabrication Laboratory Assi... IAAC is looking for an acti... Apply electronics robotics 2D & 3D design 3D Printing cnc Luciana Asinari 18000.0 23000.0 Spain 7 months
Expert in Robotics and Digi... The IAAC - Institute for Ad... Apply advanced-manufacturing interaction robotics Luciana Asinari 25000.0 30000.0 Spain 7 months
Instructor - Fab Academy FabLab Rwanda is looking fo... FabAcademy Instructor Luciana Asinari Rwanda 7 months
Technology Specialist and F... The Florida Atlantic Univer... Apply management digital farbication Architecture Luciana Asinari 1.0 1.0 United States of America 8 months
Fab Lab Technician About the job: InMac... Apply machine building laser cutting 3D Printing technician fab lab Jean michel Molenaar 30000.0 38000.0 Germany over 1 year
Open Source Machine Developer InMachines is currently inv... Apply 3d printers laser cutters machine building Jean michel Molenaar 38000.0 45000.0 Germany over 1 year
Fab Academy Instructor, ful... The ECAE FabLab, Emirates C... FabAcademy Luciana Asinari 1.0 2.0 United Arab Emirates over 1 year
Technology Coach @ BreakFre... At BreakFree Education our ... Apply community base support technological training communications digital media Luciana Asinari 1.0 2.0 United States of America over 1 year
Head of Makerspace @ Motion... MotionLab.Berlin is a 4500 ... Apply digital fabrication operations management Luciana Asinari 1.0 2.0 Germany over 1 year
Directora FABLAB TE Coordinating the commission... Apply digital fabrication director project manager 3D Printing cnc Norella Coronell Spain almost 2 years
Team Lead Support the educational and... Apply supervision Driving Tech help Norella Coronell 25000.0 35000.0 United States of America almost 2 years
Makerspace Professional La Porte County Public Libr... Apply training Teaching coding AutoDesk electronics robotics lathe solder Laser 3D printer cnc Norella Coronell 35500.0 49900.0 United States of America almost 2 years
IDEAS Center Director Gould Academy seeks a candi... Apply Engineering robotics Fabrication Design Teaching education Norella Coronell United States of America almost 2 years
3D print Aplication Enginee... Ww looking for a new person... Apply aplication engineer demo center machine installation finishing machine maintenance 3D print Norella Coronell 3000.0 3000.0 Belgium almost 2 years
Fabricator Polyfab is a plastics fabri... Apply milling machine 3D Printing digital fabrication management cnc Norella Coronell United States of America about 2 years
Fab Manager Manifact la Guy... Employeur : Association MAN... Apply Jean michel Molenaar 2500.0 2500.0 French Guiana about 2 years
Research Fellows / Scientif... Are you ready to take part ... Apply open-source hardware circular economy digital transformation urban production Luciana Asinari 1.0 2.0 Germany about 2 years
Clinical Assistant Professo... The School of Arts, Media, ... Apply 3D Printing digital fabrication management cnc Norella Coronell United States of America about 2 years
Fab Academy instructor - fu... Description: TechWorks- Amm... Apply FabAcademy Luciana Asinari 0.0 0.0 Jordan over 2 years