Fabrication Laboratory Assistant

IAAC is looking for an active, motivated person who knows how to support students and who transmits knowledge. A maker who knows how to use Rhinoceros and who is familiar with digital fabrication machines. Tasks include: Helping students and staff to use the machines and equipment of the Fabrication and Electronics Laboratory, Technical support on students & research projects, Teaching assistance in courses focused on Digital Fabrication & Electronics, Management and organization of booking system for students use of laboratory machines, Basic setup, maintenance & upgrade of the laboratory spaces and the laboratory machines; Participation in the production of applied research projects, Industrial applications, product design and knowledge transfer. Skills required: Communication skills (written, verbal and presentation), Ability to work closely with students and professionals, Time management and organizational skills, Problem-solving skills, Practical ability, manual dexterity, Inspiration and innovation, Attention to detail, Willing to learn, motivated, enthusiastic and social. Expertise required: Expertise in Parametric Design, Digital Fabrication, Electronics, Physical Computing and relevant technologies of the lab (Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper 3D, Arduino, Python, Laser Cutter, Milling Machine, 3D printers, Industrial Robots, AR, VR, Drones, etc.); Previous experience in managing students & interacting with a team; Craftsmanship knowledge, applied to Architecture or design MUST: English language (+ Spanish appreciated), Working Visa/permit for Spain.

electronics, robotics, 2D & 3D design, 3D Printing, cnc

Min salary:

Max salary: