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FabLab Rwanda is looking for an experienced, full-time Fab Academy Instructor to run the course at the Node. The instructor will be physically present and will be responsible for conducting, monitoring, supervising, and supporting all students in the Fab Academy program according to the time scheduled for the program. RESPONSIBILITIES: Design and implement effective learning strategies to high quality; achieve the training program according to the time schedule; provide the educational and training material and tools necessary; utilize innovative classroom techniques and methodologies that involve students in challenging learning opportunities; communicate effectively and professionally with other instructors and support staff; plan, attend, and contribute to the program meetings; provide consultation for the program; network with other Fab community resources to include creative active-learning experience; provide feedback to students to enhance their academic growth; deliver other duties assigned. KEY COMPETENCIES & QUALIFICATION: Fab Academy graduate and certified is mandatory; 2-3 years of experience in relevant field; Experience in high CAD (computer-aided design) skills in both 2D and 3D; Have extensive knowledge in electronics; Have experience in programming and interfacing; Machine building skills and Management skills; Experience in using digital fabrication machines and rapid prototyping skills; Demonstrate commitment to excellence in program/course content and delivery; Able to work effectively in a team environment; willing to innovate and to change to meet evolving program and industry needs; demonstrate competency with use of technology that supports learning and teaching. ESSENTIAL SKILLS: Speak, read and write English; Commit to meeting the learning needs of students and ensure their success; Demonstrate a positive attitude; Integrity; Teamwork; Communication skills; Professional, accountable, good planning and time management skills; Exceptional organizational skills. Sent CV to info@fablab.rw

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