Sou novo aqui. O que é um Fab Lab?

Fab Labs fornecem um acesso amplo aos meios modernos de invenção. Eles começaram como um projeto de extensão do Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA) do MIT, e se tornaram uma rede colaborativa e global. Você pode encontrar mais informações sobre Fab Labs no site % {fab_foundation}. A foto abaixo ilustra as instalações de um Fab Lab típico.

Concept and photo from Fab Lab Vestmannaeyjar , Iceland

Para quem é voltado o


I'm an ENTHUSIAST and I want to participate with the global Fab Lab Network. Find labs near me, see what's happening in the labs around the world and maybe one day open my own!


I'm a FAB LAB MANAGER and I want to add my lab to the network. Then I'll be able to share information and knowledge from my lab and interact with fellow users of the site.

O que posso fazer?

O que está por vir?


Horários de Funcionamento

See at a glance when labs will be open and available for use



A calendar of all upcoming events within the global Fab Lab Network



You will have a places to discuss general, lab-specific and tool-specific topics


Desenvolvedor API

A REST-based API that can be used to fetch and change data on the platform



We want the platform to be translated and localised for everyone. More details to follow


Feed de Atividades

See what you've missed while you were away, and what's happening right now

E além disso?


We've got lots of ideas that we hope to implement but if you have any suggestions or problems with the site, please click the ? icon at the bottom right of any page.