The global Fab Lab Network connects makers, students, citizens and professionals with digital manufacturing and communication technologies. Anybody can share bits of digital projects globally which can then turned into atoms of physical objects locally. hosts and promotes such projects within the Fab Lab Network in this section.

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Electronic loom, which can be produced on a lab fab. the loom can weave using a computer screen. WANT which geometric... more


My Final Project it is a system for the FabLabs, it is a Small Part Storage System called Wally (or Waldo in the US).... more

kenzoabiko AS220 Labs 2

In collaboration with AgroControl, an IT business directed by a fablab's university ex alumni, we develloped a lo... more

jmontalvon FabLab Cali

GlowHouse is a prototype for a children's "chillaxing" space that's equal parts bed and private han... more


FabISP ProgPro is a project to connect FabISP-programmer with a professional programming environment of Atmel Corpora... more


Green Brick is the first brick of ProdActive Landscape's project. Is a modular electronic system of environmen... more


Fab Deltabot: a platform for independent versatile and live-controlled delta robots. OpenSourceRobotics more

wlzr Green Fab Lab

Kids game that teaches collaborative problem solving. This "rocking table" has a lighting and interactive ... more
Fab Lab Limerick from the School of Architecture at UL in collaboration with the Spanish-Irish design agency Colabora... more

javiburon Fab Lab Limerick 2

The big CNC is an amazing machine for a fablab, but it's pretty expensive and cumbersome. Smill aims to be a che... more

enricobassi opendot

Plataforma global marketing movil de proximidad que integrar el mundo digital y fisico. more


How to customize (almost) everithing with openSTAGE is possible to draw, engrave, paint, mill any plane surface every... more


Innovations within digital manufacturing technologies have led to tremendous advances in the medical device industry ... more

Lana Fab Lab BCN 2

Smart Citizen is a project born at Fab Lab Barcelona. It has been developed from 2011, starting as a prototype in the... more

tomas Fab Lab BCN 3

We are currently working on making the portal a lot nicer. Please hold on. :) This is the official projec... more

hiro Fab Lab BCN 4

CSV and XLSX (Excel) coming soon.