The global Fab Lab Network connects makers, students, citizens and professionals with digital manufacturing and communication technologies. Anybody can share bits of digital projects globally which can then turned into atoms of physical objects locally. hosts and promotes such projects within the Fab Lab Network in this section.

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My Project is about to control Bulls in race. Traditionally Indian villages(rural community) host Jatra (Fair) Our Pa... more


Electrical energy is very essential part of all human being. It is observed that, the demand for power is increasing ... more
Retazo is an Open Source Product Design Style based primarily on CNC process created by Toshiro Tabuchi and Ricardo T... more

ricardotorres Fab Lab UNI 2

The term "Vertical farming" was coined by Gilbert Ellis Bailey in 1915 in his book Vertical Farming.He stat... more
Unfolding CubeSat rover. Mission: construction on Mars and re-construction after natural disasters on Earth. Tele-op ... more

RobotGrrl 2

RoboBrrd wants to become your robot friend! A kit to build your own character and be introduced into the world of rob... more


Pulsar is an investigation into the architectural applications of shape-memory alloys (SMAs). SMA wire is a relative... more


Rotocast-it is an opensource rotational casting machine, fast and easy to make and assemble and that can be fabricate... more

saveriosilli opendot

Tapulley is an automated Tape Dispenser to facilitate the process of rolling and cutting the tape. Makers, artists, o... more


3D scanners become increasingly important because they can be used for digitizing physical objects in shape and color... more
RishaLaser cutter is a DIY, portable, 100% fabbed, opensource laser cutter that works via mobile phone, making it eas... more


The single greatest benefit of using computer numerical controlled machine is that fabrication of a single product is... more
Using solar energy for cooking and baking can reduce the unsustainable use of fuels such as fossil fuel or firewood. ... more

Anita Vigyan Ashram

LUX meter device for measure light intensity.This project is also for laboratory use. Objective:- 1) Vigyan Ashram w... more

Pradnya Vigyan Ashram

Concept Note of Moringa leaves powder- I used solar dryer for drying moringa leaves. I design and cut solar dryer by ... more

Anita Vigyan Ashram

I made two puppets for person's communication in long-disntace. One is for input, it sends the angles of arms and... more


satshakit An improved & fabbable 100% Arduino IDE/libraries compatible board. The story Satshakit born durin... more

satsha opendot

AAVOID Autonomous Assembly aVOIding Drone: an internet connected, almost fabbed, smart quadcopter. With the o... more

satsha opendot

My project is about the design of a home office solution in the form of a desk that will reduce the amount of power w... more
laboite is connected clock that displays a lot of real time information from Internet (time, real time public transpo... more

bgaultier LabFab de Rennes

Whole new concept in machine interaction. Using augmented reality to drive and move a machine to do work. So, instea... more

aescariom FabLab Madrid CEU

Cyborg Ecologies is a current research project at the Responsive Environments and Artifacts Lab (REAL) at the Harvard... more

ralsaff 5

In3 is a low-cost incubator developed during FabAcademy 2015. It is the first prototype of a low cost incubator that... more

aescariom FabLab Madrid CEU

The Mondrian is a compact and modular RepRap. It's a cartesian robot that can be made in any FabLab (using basic... more


My project is a DIGITAL YUPANA Inspired in inca´s systems. It´s works with a physical interface to program it with 33... more


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