The global Fab Lab Network connects makers, students, citizens and professionals with digital manufacturing and communication technologies. Anybody can share bits of digital projects globally which can then turned into atoms of physical objects locally. hosts and promotes such projects within the Fab Lab Network in this section.

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This project want to give a process or a method to design wood board games based on real games with the laser cutter... more

bbaste Fab Lab BCN

We are building 4 small-scale plastic recycling machines based on the models done by the Precious Plastic team, using... more

inesccprates 2

who can help ? more


A fab showroom pavilion on a budget.Semi inflatable installation where the "hard"(wood ribs) represent the ... more

EduardoChamorro Fab Lab Seoul 2

Conversão dos diagramas, fluxogramas e ilustrações na linguagem 3D via Sketchup, 3D Studio Max, Keyshot, VRay, Blende... more


Gostaria de ajuda para fabricar uma vassoura( feita de garrafas pets) a piaçava; porque trabalho na Empresa de limpez... more


The Pop Up Fab Lab is a mobile Fab Lab, a basic infrastructure for small-scale production which small size allows mov... more

santifu Fab Lab BCN

instruction for FIXPERTS project - mobility chair tray. more


I develope a telerobotic game. We build and develop wireless camera robots with toy-weapons like paintball and laser ... more
Making instructions for our Fixperts projects - Umbrella stabilizer Attached is a PDF file with assembly instructio... more

sagis 2

The beauty kit was created in accordance with for a 19yrs old girl named Doron, whom underwent a terribl... more

Meiker 2

A safety strap made of neoprene, suitable for any kind of walkers more


Door lock opener and garbage can opener. STL file for 3D printing and "Solid Works Part Document" for edit... more


How to make your own wheelchair safety belt more


Here are the making instructions for our Fixperts projects. Our short film explaining... more


Making instructions for our Fixperts projects. Instructions for the perfect ponytail holder: more


My project is an rotating led strip forming a globe, which display text, picture or animaitions. more


This project examined the relationships of the traditional client, consultant and architect relationships and proved ... more


3D Spare Parts Factory to manufacture missing, broken, lost spare parts from plastic for home appliances, radio, tv e... more

darius Virtual FabLab 2

This series is a continuation of DinoFab and Elefab made in Costa Rica , CINNO Fab Lab at Veritas University. We wou... more

anastasia Fab Lab BCN 2

The purpose of the project of Autonomous is to develop a trailer that can be attached to any e-bike, pedelecs (from p... more


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