The global Fab Lab Network connects makers, students, citizens and professionals with digital manufacturing and communication technologies. Anybody can share bits of digital projects globally which can then turned into atoms of physical objects locally. hosts and promotes such projects within the Fab Lab Network in this section.

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An Israely Fixperts project.. took a part in industrial design course at the H.I.T academic institute. The project br... more


The new Smart Citizen Kit 1.5 comprises a built in Seedstudio Grove (The Seedstudio Grove family documention http://w... more


The Smart Citizen Kit has a built-in expansion port, the Add-on port. This was designed to support I2C sensors or eve... more


The Smart Citizen Kit is comprised of two stacked PCBs, a bottom one dedicated to data processing and communications,... more


In the process of exploring new ways to sense the environment, communities might find that they would like to appropr... more


In certain situations, users might want to employ data capturing tools that can’t connect to the internet. They migh... more


Some users might want to use data that are already available via other open data platforms, or they might want to int... more


The Smart Citizen API supports other devices to publish data to the platform by previously agreeing with the Smart Ci... more


A way to introduce participants into examining the sense data is through the use of spreadsheets software such as Ope... more


Due to their unobtrusive nature, sensor technologies like Smart Citizen may easily blend in the background of users’ ... more


When working on deployments that involve multiple devices a community might face the need to create their own page wh... more


In many cases we might find the need to trigger a notification when a certain event occurs on a Smart Citizen Kit. Th... more


i am looking to get 10 coffee cups 3d printed in procelain more


instruction video in the Youtube link STL files for 3D printing in the Google drive link good luck! more


How to make your own independently standing apparatus more


How to make your own Tissue Clip more

doritpro 2

We're building an open source citizen science water quality sensor. Can be used in public water for recreationa... more

casper 2

Blimb is a robot arm that is controlled with a custom android application via bluetooth. The 20 cm long arm has three... more

mkarki Fab Lab Oulu 2

An interactive buoy to make swimming at the Amsterdam Marineterrein fun. more


This project want to give a process or a method to design wood board games based on real games with the laser cutter... more

bbaste Fab Lab BCN

We are building 4 small-scale plastic recycling machines based on the models done by the Precious Plastic team, using... more

inesccprates 2

who can help ? more


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