The global Fab Lab Network connects makers, students, citizens and professionals with digital manufacturing and communication technologies. Anybody can share bits of digital projects globally which can then turned into atoms of physical objects locally. hosts and promotes such projects within the Fab Lab Network in this section.

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Well Done House is renowned Painting Contractors in Chennai Provides Painting Services in Chennai for Apartment, Resi... more


United Builder in Chennai - We are one of the top most Terrace Water proofing and Building construction company in Ch... more


Servicess For Sure is No. 1 Residential Repair Services in Chennai & Providing Services for Plumbing, Electrical,... more


Eiams Consulting is an ISO Consultant in Chennai. We provide Best ISO Training and ISO Certification in Chennai. We a... more


A small skeletal moth, approx 8 cm wide. I did a pencil sketch of one side of the moth, and used it as a background ... more


This is a scientific mount for cleaning substrates for fabrication of light emitting diodes. The Samples should under... more

Daskalakis54 2

I am creating a tool that allows the improvisation of dance electronic music to solo performers. It works by harnessi... more


As part of my research, I use a sample stage for mounting and wiring chips (containing superconducting integrated cir... more


Modification of parametric spanner, with added library of common metric and imperial nuts, rotation of open end, and ... more


This is a scientific mount for cleaning substrates for fabrication of light emitting diodes. The Samples should under... more


I created and printed a 3D model of a polylactide polymer (3 monomers) out of PLA (or polylactide) as a fun project t... more


Architectural model for study purpose more

liloyton 2

A small container, used to keep dry wood samples dry in a very humid environment more


Replacement of the broken holder part for the Bike Waterproof Phone Case Mount from eBay more


We are research to business project in NBE faculty that aims to commercialise new kind of PDT technology more


Prototyping chess pieces in a 3D printer. more


Stelecom best bulk sms services in chennai and mobile marketing at a very low cost and we also offer so many product... more


it would help students go to school faster more


3D printed a spare part for power switch of our power amplifier cabinet more


My project is a do it self router for cutting and milling. I a constructing the router for using a spindle, knife, no... more


JamBox is a DIY electronic drum kit that will help travelers to take the drum life with them wherever they go. It com... more


How to reuse the wasted printed objects? more


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