Where is Wally? Small Parts Storage System


My Final Project it is a system for the FabLabs, it is a Small Part Storage System called Wally (or Waldo in the US). It consist in a Matrix of drawers with leds and swiths (a modular system that can be expanded), and a controler module with a keypad, LCD and other acessories that are conected in a network (i2C).

It consists of two parts: One the main unit of 16 drawers cutted in birthwood and masonite in the Epilog laser (with the adition of some plastic drawers) with 16 leds with resistor (one for each drawers) a SPS board with the Attiny84a and wires and copper tape to connect everything. Two the control module, composed of three boards, the LCDi2C board, the 4x4SPSKeypad board and the SPS Master board (with the Speaker, SD and Wi-fi). A case, the buttons the LCD, some small parts sortiyng drawers and the Speaker.

Step 1

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