Spare part for Raps skates


A plastic part under the heel cracked so i tried to print new one.

Step 1

Measurements and modelling

I used original part and caliper for measurements. SketchUp Make 2017 was used for modelling and "STL Import & Export" extension for exporting the file to STL format.

Step 2


I went to fablab and created gcode from stl using Cura. For some reason software didn't understand bevelled part of hole in the end of part and closed it. At first printing failed a couple of times because I used wrong filaments. ABS bent and polycarbonate flaked with PLA settings because of different thermodynamical features.

Step 3


The part fitted quite well to its position but a few adjustments with knife were needed. Unsuccesful abs part with 20% infill seemed to be quite sturdy as I stood on it and the final part has hadled stress tests so far (it has not been tested on ice yet).


  1. Used software:
    SketchUp Make 2017, STL Import & Export -extension and Cura

  2. Printer:
    Lulzbot mini

  3. Material and settings:
    Red PLA, 205 degrees head and 60 degrees bed teperature (celcius). 0,1mm layer height, 50% infill, 1mm wall thickness. Printing took 2 hours.


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