The big CNC is an amazing machine for a fablab, but it's pretty expensive and cumbersome.
Smill aims to be a cheap alternative, that every fablab could buy or make, in particular, this first version is designed to be self-replicating.
The frame is made out of 12mm plywood, and it's designed to be cut by another Smill. The actual version of the electronic is done with a fiber laser, but a less compact and easier to mill version is under development.


Right now almost all the CNC milling machines are bigger than the material they cut. Smill aims to do the opposite: be a machine smaller than the material that it can cut.
This means that, to save space inside a fablab, Smill could be stored in a corner, behind the plywood panels, and put to work only when needed.

This allows you to bring a CNC milling machine where it's needed, not the opposite. It could be used to make furniture inside a house, another machine inside a fablab, a shelter in emergency situations that could be improved step by step by the people living there, etc.
To do so, everything is released under CC BY SA, and collected in a common repository. All the varieations (different dimensions, different tools, different applications, etc.) will be collected together, accessible for everybody.


  • Is Smill already working?
    Partially, It passed some simple tests, but it's not reliable yet.

  • Is it still under development?
    Absolutely, before being ready to be used in all its functions.

  • Would you like to collaborate with somebody on this project?
    Of course! Suggestions, forks, implementations, etc.
    Every form of collaboration is wellcome.

  • Is it possible to buy it?
    If you really want to, but I'd rather prefer to help you to build your own and work together on the implementations.

  • How much is it cost?
    The material costs more or less 700€ + the cost of the machines (that is different in each fablab).

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