Smart Citizen: Analyzing data using spreadsheets


A way to introduce participants into examining the sense data is through the use of spreadsheets software such as Open Office, Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets, to mention the most broadly used.

The Smart Citizen Platform supports the request of a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file with the data of any device in the platform. Upon request, users receive an email with the processed CSV within less than one minute. This can also be triggered over the API for users to receive data over email periodically (API Request for CSV files

The following example uses Google Spreadsheet since it is free and has multiuser support, allowing participants to add and share comments on data. For CSV containing more than 5000 cells we suggest using Google Fusion Tables ( instead, also available within Google Docs suite.

EXAMPLE: Looking at data using Google Spreadsheets

Participants can upload their CSV files by simply using the File/Import option in Google Spreadsheets and no special settings are required. People can then apply standard mathematical operations into the data (e.g. averages) as well as profit from the commenting tools to add annotations and mention other participants.


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