Shake Robot with Pens


Trepidation can be understood as any movement that moves, that oscillates. The Shake Robot is nothing more than a robot that trembles, thus managing to move.

Step 1

1 Materials

2 acrylic sheets 130x130mm (Any consistent material can be used);
1 DC motor of 5V;
1 9v battery;
10 cm jumper wire;
4 screws 2x30mm;
4 colored pens;
1 button on and off;
1 piece of 40mm of hot glue.

Step 2

2 - Structure

First one must cut (can use of the machine of laser cut), two square structures of 130mmx130mm of thickness of up to 6mm with 4 holes of 12mm (relative to the pens used) in the tips, leaving a space of 15mm of the quina, for insertion of the "legs", and 4 holes of 3mm for placement of screws, leaving a space of 5mm of the corner. The higher plates must have a hole for putting the button on and off.

Step 3

3 - Botton

Attach the button on the upper part of the robot.

Step 4

4 - Connections

Solder one motor cable to the button and another to the battery. The other pole of the battery must be soldered on the button. Use jumpers to connect.

Step 5

5 - Assembly

Use hot glue to glue the motor between the two frames and also attach the battery to the lower frame.

Step 6

6 - Screws and Pens

Use the screws to connect the parts and connect the pens.

Step 7

7 - Shake

With the 40mm piece of hot glue, drill to hole in one of its ends and insert it into the engine shaft.

Step 8

8 - Conclusion

When the "robot" is turned on, it must move, shaking. Completing the project.


The Shake Robot is a robot that moves through the vibration. The pens will give more artistic effect to the project, which as soon as the "robot" moves will perform dots throughout its course.
The project assists in the study of vibration, facilitating the study of physics and aiding in learning.