Sensor kits shelf for "Smart Kids Lab".


This project is about a shelf where to place the "Smart citizent kit" and the "Lora Bora Kit" all together. We thought it would be nice to place them in a shelf as they would finally be placed inside some schools of Amsterdam.

It is a wooden shelf that allaws you to place both kits but also hang them in the wall.



If you click the "Links" section you can find and download the "dxf" file of the wooden shelf.
You will find it inside of the "Project versions" section once you are inside it.
Once you have download the "dxf" file you might laser cut it so you will be ready to join all the peaces.
To do so we have used a 4mm thinkness plywood for all the box.

You can find the specific parameters in the link we mention before but they are mainly:
- speed 30
- power: 100

You will not need any kind of glue because it has been designed in a way that the unions are enought consistent and strong to support the weight of the kits.

After this we have add some text to explain the project and we have laser cut it with the same type of wood and stick it on it. This file information you can find it and download it inside the same link as before.

Finally we have made stickers for the titles and you can download the file in the same web site where before. To do so we have used the vinil cutter and the parameters we have used are the following ones:

We have used a force of 90 gr.

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