Red de Acci贸n Comunitaria


Red de Acci贸n Comunitaria is an early warning system based on community organization and a standalone communications network to empower vulnerable groups in the occurrence of natural disasters. The system utilizes a dedicated technological system in order to enhance the response capabilities of communities at risk and to articulate humanitarian relief efforts through messages that are simple and effective.

Our Kit Reacci贸n provides an alternative communication channel that works within a decentralized wireless network, by using a real-time information distribution protocol that allows to consolidate and communicate a historical registry of qualitative indicators regarding the status of communities. It aims to help improve the decision taking on how and where to distribute assistance within a territory during the first 12 hours after a disaster.

This project expects to deliver a solution that not many other digital humanitarian endeavors are doing: empowering through technology and decision making to the people who are directly affected by natural disasters. The implementation of this project encompasses aspects of community development and civic engagement as it becomes a solution that centers on using technology to develop real citizen intelligence with the support of Fab Lab Networks around the world.


Our project is based on the functioning principles of the Internet of Things to create a solution that can save lives during the first 12 hours after a natural event. This project has been envisioned and developed in El Salvador with the support of Fablab SV, in one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to natural disasters of different kinds. Our solution is based on this:

1- Bottom up organization combined with already existing top-down disaster relief systems.
2- Technology that simplifies usage as much as possible, meant to empower the most vulnerable populations in developing countries to become key actors during natural disasters.
3- A network of organizations interested in early warning and disaster relief, by offering a tool to make quick and efective decisions.

Our first functional prototypes were designed through a co-creation process with extensive support by the FABLAT network, support from organizations dedicated to disaster relief and community development, as well as research and technology such as Habitat for Humanity, Techo El Salvador, Africa '70, Open Hardware El Salvador, Centro de Innovaci贸n y Emprendimiento Espacio Cero, FLISOL (Latin American Free Software Install Festival), SVNet, Internet Day El Salvador, Cultural Centre of Spain in El Salvador, University of El Salvador, Francisco Gavidia University, Innovation Box (INNBOX), IT Salvadoran Chamber, and others. The initiative became finalist at Fab10's Fab Awards and was awarded a FRIDA grant by LACNIC.

This project is currently being developed and tested in a rural community at Ahuachap谩n, El Salvador, in partnership with Asociaci贸n Conexi贸n para el Desarrollo, LACNIC, and with the support of Habitat for Humanity El Salvador.

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