How to customize (almost) everithing
with openSTAGE is possible to draw, engrave, paint, mill any plane surface everywhere
openSTAGE is a modular XY plotter, 80% fabbable and low low price.
the mainboard has i2c connection to add many axis, the basic openSTAGE is able to draw or engrave the pcb for the Z or other axis.
openSTAGE has a perfect quick release changing tools system that allow to use different tools during a job.
The servoZ Board permit to adjust the z high with all tolls, and in the next development I will implement the dynamic Z.


I made openStage in order to create a simple plotter machine that is possible to do in a workshop, but when I finished it I discovered that openSTAGE has much more possibility and is really low cost and fabbable.
in the next time I would to make a Workshop creative commons version to distribute the machine

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