Open Source Home Office Desk


My project is about the design of a home office solution in the form of a desk that will reduce the amount of power wires for desk and other personal portable devices. This will be achieved mainly through the use of a microcontroller that can operate a charging induction coil by means of a sensor which will detect the presence of the device to be charged. (This means that these devices will have their own rechargeable battery.)

The proposal is designed to be built in a FabLab environment to make use of their digital fabrication technologies, in a total or partial way. This means that the base / core furniture (Table – desk) can be made first, using a FabLab resources or it can be partially made with regular woodshop tools that can be complemented with CNC and other digital techniques according to the user budegt and needs.


In this case, the core part of the system is a desk with a built in microcontroller, that can manage other devices. In this initial stage the microcontroller will be managing the electric power sent to an induction charging device to recharge wirelessly, different electric and digital devices over the desk. For this purpose, the MCU placed under the desk, will be associated to a sensor that detects the presence of the device placed in a seamless – flush charging surface. This charging surface has the sensor and the charging inductive coil beneath it.

The basic unit has only one recharging station, but further charging modules can be added by routing the openings on the desk to accomodate its enclosures.

Initially it can accomodate simpler desk objects such as lighting, fans, and different charging stations. The user can later fabricate and/ or add more complex devices.

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