Moringa powder on solar dryer


Concept Note of Moringa leaves powder- I used solar dryer for drying moringa leaves. I design and cut solar dryer by using digital fabrication.

I did survey and conclusion as per below,

Leading Problems in current society is-
1. Financial weakness of Farmers
2. Flow of people towards Urban area to search Job
3. Malnutrition or Over nutrition

To make Moringa leaves Powder to use as a Nutritional supplement for life.

Why Moringa? How these concept will solve problems of my area-
We are living in Pabal. It is a Village and main profession is agriculture. But there is restricted source of water irrigation. So that we choose Moringa to grow here. People can grow Moringa on Drip irrigation. As Moringa is drought Resistant , It is possible to grow on less water .

By calculation In a acre farmer can grow minimum 600 trees and at least 20 kg drumstick production is consider per year , People can earn upto 20x20=400 Rs from 1 trees at the rate of 20 Rs/kg drumstick,
Means from 600 Trees they can earn upto 600x400=2,40,000.
If we consider 30 % expenses then the expenses is 72,000/year. Means Total Profit is 2,40,000-72,000=1,68,000.That means farmer from one acre can earn upto 1,68,000.
Also he can take some middle crops like chana or flaxseed or kasuri methi to get extra financial benefit .

Step 1

Collection of moringa leaves

I went to village farmers for collection of moringa leaves after this I cleaned all leaves and separate single leaves from bunch.

Step 2

Making of solar dryer on Digital Fabrication

I am part of Vigyan Ashram so I frequently used FAB LAB for fabrication which required my project so this time I did Solar dryer design and cut on wood with Shop bot machine.

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Step 3

After drying moringa leaves

After drying we crush moringa leaves with the help of pulverize and collect that powder in container we don't mixed any adulterant and chemical.

We try to make in natural ways without losing its nutritional quality.

Step 4


Packing done with golden stand up pouch.


people are facing problems like
1. Money for accidental medical expenses
2. Money to give higher education to children
3. Money to marriages of children

To solve that Problems they Need Some insurance plan and SIP (Systematic Investment Plans). To fill installment of all these insurance and SIP each family need almost 2000 Rs/Month. So that it is challenge how to earn this amount extra.
In current practice Farmers are just selling drumstick and leaves of tress have no commercial values but according to my concept we will do value addition of leaves by making its powder. Moringa leaves are very Nutritious and It having Medicinal values So that these powder can use to fortify our basic meals to increase its nutritional values.

We are planning to purchase moringa leaves at the rate of 15 Rs/Kg on wet basis. Farmers need to supply at least 133 kg leaves to get about 2000 Rs. It is possible to farmers to supply that leaves.
Means by supplying Moringa leaves- Secondary material of farmers they can solve their problems of financial management.
If any Person is getting 1,68,000 Rs/year means 14,000 per month and getting financial securities like mediclaims and SIP For Major expenses. The person who are living in Pabal will decide to do farming rather than working at the salary of 10,000 and living in the rent-base house. So the problem of Flow of peoples towards urban area to search job will solve at some extent. Also the financial status of farmers will improve.

As Moringa leaves are very Nutritious. It contains most essential Multivitamins and Multiminerals and all essential Amino acid. Moringa leaves are rich natural source of plant based minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidant.

In Ayurveda and Naturopathy it is consider that 300+ diseases can be prevented by regular consumption of moringa leaves powder.

By eating Moringa leaves powder daily people can be remain away from malnutrition and related diseases.

So that growing of Moringa farms and value addition of Moringa leaves into Moringa leaves powder as a nutritional supplement will solve above mentioned problems of society.

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