Mini Desiccator / Sample container


A small container, used to keep dry wood samples dry in a very humid environment

Step 1

Determining requirements

What was needed was a small container that could accomodate 50x50x25 mm wood samples. The container would need to be air tight to prevent moisture from creeping into the container, before opening. Also the container would need to be openable very quick without much force and with one hand at best.

Step 2


Autodesk Inventor 2017 was used to design a simple container with a small groove, in which grease could be put to offer a perfect seal.

Step 3

3D printing

Formlabs Form 2 printer was chosen to print the parts. The Formlabs printer would offer very high precision printing with very dense layers to prevent any moisture transport in the material.

Step 4


Due to bad orientation of the part, a first print failed. As the printer lifts the part up during printing, at one point a new layer didnt have enough contact area to an existing one, so it fell of. The part was only half completed and unsusable.

Step 5

Second try

A second print with changed orientation turned out very well. The tight tolerances of the Formlabs printer offered very reliable dimensional stability in the order of .1 mm!

Step 6


The groove was greased and a weighed dry piece of wood was put inside. The container was put in an environment of 90+ % RH and the moisture content of the wood was measured over the duration of 2 hours. Moisture content after 1 hour was 0,05 %


Just a small project to help with labwork.


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