Large (empty) prism


Large hollow (water filled) prism for optical imaging is constructed from transparent plexiglass with laser cutter. This is a Proof-of-concept for enhancing contrast when imaging thin films. Currently status: parts are cut.

Step 1

  1. Draw triangles and squares with inkscape

Two measures are needed: shorter side length s and longer side length l with relation l = s * sqrt(2).

Hollow prism consists on:

  • two triangles with square angle and side lengths s,s and l.

  • two squares with side length s

  • and one s x l retangle

  • additional holes for attachments

Step 2

  1. Use transparet sikaflex to glue the edges

Glue the thing together. Fortify with plastic screws. Step currently in progress.


Goal here is to create a large prism (even larger than the proof-of-concept one shown here) and use it to magnify reflection angles from thin films. Magnified reflection angles turn photographs to black and white as only the surfaces aligned with prism are seen. This project aims to show that using a self made prism is sufficient for this task.


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