laboite is connected clock that displays a lot of real time information from Internet (time, real time public transportation timetables, calendar, energy consumption, unread emails, twitter, messages...). laboite is fully open-source from the Arduino based software on Arduino to the web server code (PHP) and 3D printed parts.

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Step 1

Create an account

  • If you just want to build a laboite device, please use our server (

  • If you can host a server, please go to (you will find all the code and documentation to build a laboite server)

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Step 2

Build a laboite device

For this step, you will need Arduino UNO ×1, Ethernet shield ×1, USB cable ×1, Sure electronics LED bicolor matrix ×1, a 3D printer (optional)
- Plug an ethernet cable to the ethernet shield
- Then plug the ethernet cable to your Arduino UNO
- Plug the Arduino to your computer using USB cable
- Print the two laboite case .stl files (available at

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Step 3

Upload software and configure laboite

  • Download the latest version of the laboite firmware on

  • Sign in on website and create a new device (go to devices tab and click "create")

  • Use the API key that appears to modify the laboite firmware and upload the code to your Arduino

  • Configure the information your want to display on laboite (called apps)

  • Plug the LED matrix to the

  • That's it ! Enjoy !

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