Green Bricks


Green Brick is the first brick of ProdActive Landscape's project.

Is a modular electronic system of environment analysis that can grow and change along the life of a urban vegetable garden or a vertical agricultural system setting.
In addiction I design a physical module of “experimental” vertical culture that help people to set up their first indoor/ rooftop vegetable garden.The basic modular structure can be assembled in both X, Y direction. In order to create green Actives wall integrating watering system controlled by environmental sensors.

Step 1


I choose to develop a combinable electronic design. Starting from R-do[L]ino, my customized version of the Fab Kit I designed different breakout boards: SENSOR, POWER, MEMORY , DC-PUMP combinable to define 3 different configuration of use; STARTER KIT, GARDENING KIT, COMMUNITY.

The starter kit is a an environmental monitoring system design to map the space where is planed to install the future garden. It is composed by 2 symmetrical sensor boards a DC reader breakout board to save data and a power supply board connecting with the battery.

The gardening kit is a sensor controlled watering system. Composed by a DC-Pump breakout board controlling a 12v Water pump ( recycled from car cleaning mechanism), and a sensors breakout board , connecting 3 different sensor controlling the pump activity.

The community kit add to the gardening kit the independent power supply and the Sdcard reader It is monitoring environmental data and watering activity in order to compare them with plants healthiness. Those data with gardeners community rating and suggestion will create an on line Community of Smart Gardners.

Step 2


Looking for a water proof local material a felt in love for 3D printed Clay . In order to create a design affordable with different local material I adapt the first design, using 6 axis robot and costomized clay extruder, to make it realizable in vernacular clay tecnique as well as in small fablabs using a CNC machine and reciclied materials.
The module big as a brick can easly cook if made in clay, or transported. And been modular can grow as well from a pot to a landscape system.



Connecting people with their own territory by taking care of the common ground and at the same time of their own environment. I choose the food production as main tool of rebuild the connection between human and nature. It starts from private indoor food production as educational step to look for refill wasted urban area of new productive function. To do that it will start from a community interface of smart gardener sharing food production experience by sharing physical data collect by specific sensors ( light, temperature, humidity). Each new Smart Gardner will join the community by choosing the kind of culture, indoor out door hydroponic, aquaponic, or by choosing an area/territory and looking for person that at the same time wants to set up a new vegetable garden.

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