Whole new concept in machine interaction.

Using augmented reality to drive and move a machine to do work. So, instead of moving the machine using gcode or image files, I am moving it from a remote location using a webcam and a computer screen.

The machine can be controlled over the Internet.


Currently I consider it a R&D project. I'd love to explore the concept and improve the design.

Managing a machine with a screen and a mouse from anywhere in the world can have several benefits, such us help in cutting machines, picking bots, guided surgery (once improved the precission), etc.


Is it precise enough?
It has been developed in 2 weeks by just one person with his instructor help, so I couldn't focus too much on improving the design. Currently its precision (once calibrated) is about 1 cm.

How can the precision be improved
Using stereo imaging, increasing the resolution or decreasing the human error factor.

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