Kids game that teaches collaborative problem solving.

This "rocking table" has a lighting and interactive maze carved on it.

How does it work?
- Create a team of 2 to 4 players,
- Place the steel marble at the starting point of the maze,
- Swing the table in order to bring the marble to the center.
- Be fast and run away from the red light if you don't want to be GAME OVER


This "rocking table" has a maze carved on it. LEDs and copper sensors are spread all over this labyrinth. In that way the lights' colors change according to the marble path. A red light will also move over the maze in order to "catch" the marble. It makes the game more interactive and more attractive for kids.

Kids will need to communicate and trust each other in order to succeed. Indeed, the object's shape and weigth encourage people to play with others.

This project is a kind of working prototype for now. It's staying at Houghton Valley School in Wellington. This will allow me to test it and make the improvments needed on the next version.

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