Bora Lora Kit


This project is called "Bora Lora Kit". It contains different sensors that can detect and tell us information about the: quality of the air, humidity, noise and temperature around it. Once the sensors have obtained all this data from the atmosphere they automatically send the information to a website "". So you can check the data on-line everytime you want.

This case has the particularity of using a different type of network from wiffi which is the "Bora Lora". So "Bora Lora" is the one that send the data in to the platform.

To implement and install the sensors in real life we have designed an acrylic box to put all the sensors. You can find and download it in the website you find in the "links" section. It is inside "Project versions" folder. And to do so we have used a 3mm thikness transparent acrylic.
To laser cut the 3mm acrylic qe have used the following parameters:
- Speed: 60
- Power: 80

Once you have the acrylic cut it you join all the faces without using any type of glue. Finally you are ready to place the sensors with the help of some screws.


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