Crab Robot QuadBot


Make a QuadBot
This is a very exciting project that will get you making your first robot!

This is a Kickstarter project. Get one here.

This animal inspired robot will teach you fundamentals of robotics like 3D Design, 3D Printing, Electronics and Coding. QuadBot can walk, dance, and with simple sensors it can navigate and avoid obstacles.


Add a camera, and suddenly you have a walking camera. Add a laser and a few servos and suddenly you have a mobile laser platform.


The core of the robot is the Arduino based QuadBoard, whilst the 3D Design is open source and 3D Printable. You can get all the components and print the rest for under £150, or get a printed version for under £200.


To program QuadBot you use a prewritten Arduino library or Ardublockly, which means that complex movements are actually very easy to achieve.

We've made this specifically to be open and hackable as well, so all the source code (there's a lot) can be easily accessed and changed.


To make QuadBot, you will use skills in:
1) 3D Printing
2) 3D Design (with Fusion 360)
3) Coding (with Arduino)
4) Electronics (with Arduino and sensors)

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