LEA Bicycle Light (Low Energy Automatic)


LEA Bicycle lights aims to solve the problem of bicycle crash by cars over the world.
One of the most common causes of bicycle accidents is caused by the low visibility of those vehicles at night.
Lot of people don't have a rear light because they don't want to care about switching it on, replacing the battery,weather conditions, getting their light robbed,etc.

LEA tries to solve those problems with an low cost design of a automatic long battery duration Fab Lab fabricable device.

Using an ATtiny 45,light sensor and vibration switch. LEA automatically switch on only with low light conditions ( shadow areas, night,etc) and feels that the bicycle is in movement. The rest of the time the device automatically stay in sleep mode to save battery, only waking up to check for light or movement.

Using a simple case design the project can be replicated with a very simple and low amount of components pcb, two aa batteries and 3d printed/lasercutter or cnc parts(a possible aluminium case is available)

The bike holder is completely 3dprinted an only need a 3-4mm screw and bolt to hold it in place.
The electronic container can be 3d printed or cnc in one unique piece of aluminium with a 3 axis cnc. Both part are holded together by pressure but two holes for 3mm screws are available to secure everything properly.
The battery should last 3-5 months on a normal daily use ( using the bicycle on a two way run to work for 20 min each time)

Phototransistor OP580DA
Capacitor 22uf
Resistor 1M
Resistor 10k
Vibrator Switch
LED SMD 5050
All the components are fab inventory standart except for the vibrator switch and the AAbattery Holders

Designed and fabricated by Eduardo Chamorro
Fab Lab Seoul http://fablab-seoul.org/


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