Marble Maze


This project will use the CNC machine to create marble maze game. We will use MDF wood to pocket the pattern of the game on 15mm thickness MDF.

This project was originally made by : TJ Christiansen you can find it here

Step 1


All we need is:

1- 12mm MDF wood. (or any alternative).

2- CNC machine.

Step 2

Cutting the Design

In this step, will do three cutting profiles:

1- pocketing the inside.

2- cutting the start and end circles as well as the handles.

3- cutting the outer circle.

Finally, we will cut the bottom circle so we can attach it with the top.

The design is attached with this step.

Note: the dimensions of this game is 45x45 cm

Step 3

Finishing the project

So, the final step is to finish our project. We can use sanding paper to remove all the dust and make it look smother.


using different cutting techniques with the CNC and Vcarve software.

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