Smart Citizen: Adding Groove bricks


The new Smart Citizen Kit 1.5 comprises a built in Seedstudio Grove (The Seedstudio Grove family documention I2C connector as the standard Add-on port.

This means that we can use off-the-shelf sensors from the extensive Groove open hardware sensor library, removing the need to build our own sensor add-ons from scratch.

Seeedstudio Grove sensors natively compatible include:

  1. Grove - I2C ADC: A 12-bits high precision Digital to Analog converter

  2. Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer: A digital accelerometer

  3. Grove - 6-Axis Accelerometer Compass: A digital accelerometer with compass

  4. Grove - Chainable RGB LED: A chainable digital RGB led for status notification

  5. Grove - OLED Display 0.96”: A color display for visualizing data and alerts

  6. Grove - Motor Driver: For controlling motor actuators

  7. Grove - Color Sensor: For detecting materials surface colors

  8. Grove - I2C Hub: A hub for connecting multiple Groove I2C ADC modules

By using the Groover - I2C ADC we use the following list of sensors. Using the the Grove - I2C
Hub and by changing the Grove I2C ADC address up to 9 sensors can be added.

  1. Grove - Water Sensor

  2. Grove - Magnetic Switch
    3.Grove - Alcohol Sensor

  3. Grove - Grove - PH Sensor

  4. Grove - Differential Amplifier

  5. Grove - Electricity Sensor

  6. Grove - Sound Sensor

  7. Grove - IR Distance Interrupt

  8. Grove - Tilt Switch

  9. Grove - Encoder

  10. Grove - Moisture Sensor

  11. Grove - PIR Motion Sensor

  12. Grove - Infrared Reflective Sensor

  13. Grove - Digital Light Sensor

  14. Grove - Light Sensor

  15. Grove - Temperature and Humidity Sensor

  16. Grove - Barometer Sensor

  17. Grove - Dust Sensor

  18. Grove - Air quality

  19. Grove - Gas Sensor

  20. Grove - Temperature Sensor

  21. Grove - Air Quality Sensor

  22. Grove - Temperature and Humidity Sensor Pro

  23. Grove - Gas Sensor(O₂)

  24. Grove - Temp&Humi Sensor(SHT31)

  25. Grove - Barometer Sensor(BME280)

  26. Grove - HCHO Sensor

  27. Grove - Collision_Sensor

Custom I2C add-ons can also be integrated by using the Grove - Screw Terminal

Pin - Port - Function
1 - GND - Ground
2 - VCC - VCC 3.3V 500mA MAX
3 - SDA - I2C (by software: 1-WIRE / WS2812)
4 - SCL - I2C (by software: 1-WIRE / WS2812)

More examples and documentation will come on the upcoming months when the Smart Citizen Kit 1.5 Firmware will be ready.

EXAMPLE: Adding a Grove Analog Sensor on the SCK 1.5

The Smart Citizen Kit 1.5 firmware supports a single Groover - I2C ADC in a plug-n-play fashion. This means that once the add-on is detected the firmware will automatically start posting the sensor values in mV to the Smart Citizen Platform together with the other sensors. (The small display can be used to provide direct feedback to users.)

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