Smart Citizen: Publishing offline


In certain situations, users might want to employ data capturing tools that can’t connect to the internet.

They might be deployed in places where there is no internet connection or they might be completely analog sensors, such as Diffusion Tubes often used to measure air quality.

Nevertheless, the user might hope to visualize the collected data via the Smart Citizen platform. A way to do this is by using Google spreadsheets, which we explain in the next section.

EXAMPLE: Automated data upload using Google spreadsheets

We built a simple Javascript sketch that supports the integration of data from a Google Spreadsheet into the Smart Citizen Platform.

This means that participant can easily entry the analog data on the spreadsheet convenient standard and these data will be automatically added onto the platform device. Each tab on the spreadsheet defines the identifier of each device and users can add as many columns as sensors the devices can support. This service can be enabled for specific pilots. It can also be deployed locally as a simple Node Js app on any Mac or Linux computer. The whole source is available within the Smart Citizen Toolkit repository.

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