Makerspace Villanova
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, SNC, Villanova, 00012, Italy
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It's a digital manufacturing laboratory, open to professionals, artisans, students and hobbyists, equipped with modern technologies (such as 3D printers), based on the sharing of knowledge and the development of ideas and creativity. Users can realize their projects independently, using the machines, or cooperating with other users following a development model oriented towards the open source culture.
In the morning the space will be usable by students and teachers to enhance the normal educational activity of the school with purely laboratory experiences (focused on the "Learning-by-doing" model). The afternoon will be available to the territory and will be offered training courses and workshops (both for adults and for children). In particular, paths aimed at the acquisition of the fundamental skills of the XXI Century will be activated, important for the education and development of young people's abilities. Recent studies have shown how a teaching focused on the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is fundamental in this regard and helps prepare for what will be the work of the future.
This Makerspace is the first piece of a project that involves Comprehensive Institutes and Public Administrations, which will see the creation of a network of laboratories spread over the territory of North-Eastern Rome in schools and libraries. The goal is to be able to involve as many users as possible and create new spaces for networking and networking, very important aspects that often fail in the suburbs of a large city like Rome.

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • Circuit production
  • Vinyl cutting
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Marco Brocchieri
Lab Manager
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