Mirante Fab Lab
R. Brg. Tobias, 118, Mirante do Vale Building, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
+5511981286814 +5511988565337 mirantelab@gmail.com
Lab Details
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The Mirante Fab Lab is a laboratory creation, innovation, manufacturing and all its synonyms. A place that materializes ideas, it brings to the concrete which before was only in the imagination.

The Mirante is also a place of connection, of networking, where community is creeated. We connect people, things, projects because we believe in sharing, in the collective force, in the connected world.

Our philosophy is in favor of a less outsourced world, with more actions made by his own hand, where the "have" give way to "be".

We want to solve problems, help people, transform systems, do differently.

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • CNC-Milling

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