Fablab Roma Makers

[Fab Lab]
Via Giovanni Battista Magnaghi, 59, Roma, Rm, 00154, Italy

Specialized in Arts, music and Fashion, the place offers some 3d printers, cnc machine for little works, vinyl cutter, electronic laboratory. We are in a nice area with lot of amenities. The people who take part of the lab are specialized in build DIY machine, like 3d printer and cnc router. There are also musicians and artists.

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Stefano Varano
Co-Founder and Lab Manager
0039 3286696075
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Alessandro Zampieri
Co-Founder and Technical area Manager
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Stefano Capezzone
Social Media Manager & Special Projects
+39 347 7526331
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co-founder and Technical area Manager
+39 3381264513
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Leonardo Zaccone
Co-founder and Events Manager

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