FAB LAB Mindanao
RM 122, L1, College of Engineering and Technology, Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology, Andres Bonifacio Ave, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, 9200, Philippines
+63.935.868.8933 fablab@g.msuiit.edu.ph
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Situated inside Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology, a university that focuses on engineering, science, and technology, FAB LAB Mindanao aims to be the venue where researches of this knowledge domain can craft prototypes of their designs. Some of the on-going researches involves unmanned aerial vehicle and fuel efficient cars which FAB LAB can conveniently cater.

Through its equipment, FAB LAB Mindanao also aims to assist in the scientific research as well as product development of the small and medium enterprises in the region. FAB LAB Mindanao is made possible through the partnership of the Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Science and Technology, the US State Department through GIST-Global Innovation through Science and Technology and MSU-IIT. With its mission statement summarized by just "Prototyping and Collaborating Ideas", FAB LAB Mindanao envisions to be an innovation system that transforms ideas for value creation, wealth generation and human development.

Learn more about FAB LAB Mindanao by reading the case published by USAID STRIDE and the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan: https://wdi-publishing.com/product/making-the-fab-lab-fabulous-a-project-scope-management-challenge/

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • CNC-Milling
  • Circuit production
  • Laser
  • Precision milling
  • Vinyl cutting
Charles Vincent Barrete
Operations Consultant
Lemuel Clark Velasco
FAB LAB Manager
Arqam Abdula
Material Science Engineering Associate
Ron Christian Cagula
Machine Operations and Maintenance Geek
Lex Bryan Bangot
Resident Startup Engineering Mentor
Andrei Eric Castro
Education Technology Management Trainee
Edison Montes
Resident Mechanical Engineer
Gideon Emmanuel Chiu
Chief Intern Supervisor
Kenson Lovell Villagracia
Administrative and Liason Officer
Reiner Baldomero
Recreation and Game Master
Ver Sixto Bonsubre
Health Innovations Intern
Julia Bacotot
Graphic Design and Machine Operations Intern
Phillip Del Valle
Information and Publication Intern
Daphne Mae Abella
Civil Engineering Associate
Joshua Bjork Castillo
Machine Operations and Maintenance Intern
Ernest John Escanilla
Resident Interfacing Engineer
Mark Angelo Nambatac
Resident Interfacing Engineer
Rommell Mikhael Cortes
Chief Project Manager
Sariah Dawn San Juan
Business Development Counselor
Gil Lasmarias
3D Printing and Design Specialist
Bryan Juanico
Resident Software Engineer
Arvin John Lucas
Resident Metallurgical and Ceramic Engineer
Dexter Ken Lopera
Internal Operation and Maintenance Head
John Carl Marlo Andrade
External Operations Manager
Joyce Catherine Dioso
Industrial Control & Mechatronics Intern
Claire Jane Egloria
Industrial Automation Intern
Spassky Baang
Industrial Control Intern
Michael Loui Cabahug
Industrial Mechatronics Intern
Lara Jane Bolotaolo
Production Management Intern
Ethan Gianni Viñas
Electrical Engineering Technology Intern
Franz Lito Apao
Mechatronics Technologist
Ryan Ali
Industrial Automation and Mechatronics Intern
Melissa Beth Villa
User Manual Content Specialist
Melca Sham Ybañez
Technical Manual Content Specialist
Gerald Jan Demecillo
Resident Education Technologist
Kent Stephen Toledo
Multimedia Designs Specialist
Noreen Maida Pabriga
Advertisement Production Specialist
Joseph Philip Fernan Gaston
Mechanical Engineering Associate
Steven Don Rizal Ty
Machine Maintenance Intern
jeremiah mc cleo bala
Technical Training Specialist
Trisha Kate Galeon
Digital Fabrication Trainer
Kim Orven Valencia
Chief Innovation Inventory Manager
Sheila Mae Gardon
Metallurgical Engineering Associate
Luchin Valrian Pueblos
Bio-research Senior Intern and Head Inventory Manager
Michelle Millana
Precision Milling Specialist and machine maintenance
Junel Jacob Casera
Machine Operations Trainer
Terrenz Marquez
Web Graphic Designer Intern
Jeanette Pao
Mechanically Engineering Associate and Intern
Angelo Revelo
Laser Lord and Senior Intern
Jason Oliver Dioneda
3D Printing Jedi
Troy Franco Celdran
CNC Router Wizard
Hanima Ali
Industrial Automation and Mechatronics Intern and Resource Inventory Manager
Kayle Daniel De Asis
Chief senior intern for machine operations and project designs
Champ Karl Abarquez
Senior Laser Jedi
Miko Nuñez
Associate Software Engineer
Miyah Lhorsyl Glimada
Biotechnology Research Intern
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