Fab Lab iFurniture
Av. Prolongación Defensores del Morro 254 , Chorrillos, Lima Perú, Lima, Lima, Lima 09, Peru
+51 17637342 fablab@ifurniture.pe
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We develop research on flexible, transformable, modular, space-saving interactive furniture to furniture robotics.
This proposal was born to know this industry that uses traditional processes in the manufacture of furniture and products, the application of new technologies is still very scarce, we seek to take them to the digital world by promoting products from Peruvian designers - makers that can be customized by all types of users Developing technology and innovation in the product and in the processes of manufacture and that have a very modern and functional aesthetic.
We manufacture prototypes at Furniture Lab, a digital manufacturing laboratory specializing in furniture and industrial design products, where we employ tools capable of achieving a proposal that integrates electronics, robotics, mechanics, design and architecture. The engineering of furniture design is going to grow a lot in our country, since we are watching a new trend and industrial development of these new products.
The concept is to revolutionize the traditional carpentry to the digital, thus generating a scalable business of high impact in the carpentry industry of Peru.
Learn more about us at www.facebook.com/iFurniturePE

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • CNC-Milling
  • Laser
  • Vinyl cutting
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Denisse Cordero
Sales Manager
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Mayra Sanchez
Asistente Administrativo
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Cristian Loayza Egoavil
CTO iFurniture
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FabLab iFurniture
Fab Lab Manager

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