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Tinkerers Lab

[Fab Lab]
PMT-UPC, RDIT Building, C/Esteve Terradas, 1, Castelldefels, Barcelona, 08860, Spain

Tinkerers Lab is a Digital Fabrication Laboratory specialized in areas of Science and Technology. We combine different technologies, such as Digital Fabrication (3D printing, CNC routers & Lasers), Space Technology (EO, GNSS & SatCom data) and 3D projection systems (Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, Projection Mapping), to create and implement innovative projects in areas of Smart Cities and Internet of Things

Tinkerers is enrolled in the European Space Agency-Business Incubation Centre (ESA-BIC), is a member of the CBA-MIT Fab Lab International Network and member of the CatLabs network.

As an R&D platform, we work on research projects on smart and programmable materials and structures and functional additive manufacture with materials such carbon fiber or graphene.

We are on the campus of the Universitat Politécnica de Cataluña - Parque Mediterráneo de la Tecnología (UPC-PMT), in the seaside city of Castelldefels, 20 km from Barcelona.

It is a place for creativity and innovation through digital fabrication, for students, researchers, educators or entrepreneurship, who need a laboratory, workshop or community to share and create synergies.

One of our goals is to democratize digital fabrication and develop new professional skills through this, with activities such as workshops, training courses, conferences, challenges, etc.

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Ángela María Bedoya
Co-founder, Financial and Marketing Advisory
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Gerard Camps Estrada
Telecommunications technician intern
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Martin Gutmann
Architect / CNC - Digital Woodwork
Vu Tran-Viet
R & D Intern

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